How It Works

From shipping to delivery, our streamlined process is designed to protect your milk and minimize hassle.

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Milk is received and undergoes initial QC check. Every bag is labeled with customer name and a unique ID number for tracking.


Each bag of milk is weighed and logged. Expression date and any other notes written on the bag are recorded for transfer to the final custom label.


Frozen milk is transferred to our SafeDry lyophilization pouches – these protect your milk from contamination while allowing the water vapor to escape. Each pouch remains separate during freeze-drying and ensures your milk is labeled even while in the freeze-dryer.


Your freeze-dried breast milk powder is then packaged using sterile technique inside an ISO5 cleanroom workstation. Each bag you send to Milkify becomes its own pouch of powder.


As part of our final QC check, we measure the water activity (“dryness”) of your breast milk powder to ensure that it will remain shelf stable for up to 3 years. After this, your freeze-dried breast milk is ready for shipment.

Nanocool insulated shipping box


Shipping to Milkify

Take the anxiety out of shipping your milk with our easy-to-use shipping kits. We will send you everything you need to ship your milk safely and securely, including a pre-paid shipping label. All of our services come with hassle-free shipping and include our safe-arrival guarantee.

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freeze-dried breast milk powder


How to Use Your Breast Milk Powder

Freeze-dried breast milk is not sterile. Breast milk powder should be stored and prepared properly in order to prevent contamination with Cronobacter and other bacteria that can cause serious illness if safe handling guidelines are not followed.

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Steps for Freeze-Drying Breast Milk

Ultra-Low Freeze

Your frozen breast milk is placed inside a chamber that is cooled to a very low temperature (-40° C).

Deep Vacuum

The air in the chamber is removed via pump, bringing the environment in the chamber to a deep vacuum.


The ice crystals (solid) in the milk turn into water vapor (gas). In the vacuum chamber, the water vapor molecules are pulled out of the milk, leaving behind all of the other components of the milk as powder.

Package & Seal

The freeze-dried breast milk powder is sealed in high-barrier mylar bags to protect it from moisture, oxygen, UV, and other contamination. Stored like this, breast milk powder is shelf-stable with no refrigeration for 3 years and further nutrient degradation is prevented.