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Milkify is the only GMP-certified breast milk freeze-drying service that is customized to your needs.

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    Freeze-drying your breast milk extends its expiration date by 3 years.

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    Milkify is the industry-leader, trusted by parents and experts across the U.S.

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    Freeze-drying removes the water while retaining the nutrients in your milk.

Milkify is the only GMP certified breast milk freeze-drying service

The only GMP-certified service

Milkify is the only company that is GMP-certified for freeze-drying human milk (GMP is a set of safety and quality standards promoted by the FDA).

Our patent-pending process ensures your milk never comes into contact with our equipment. We do not pool milk for processing on open trays.

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  • We send you a complete breast milk shipping kit with everything you need to send us your frozen milk

  • We freeze-dry your breast milk, transforming it into a nutrient-dense, shelf-stable powder

  • We package your milk and send it back to you in convenient pouches that last for 3 years on the shelf

As seeon on:

  • Extend Expiration

    Freeze-dried breast milk powder can be stored on the shelf for 3 years.

  • Preserve Nutrition

    Our gentle freeze-drying process preserves the nutrients in your milk.

  • Travel and Moving

    Breast milk powder is light and compact, making it perfect for travel or moving.

  • Take Back Your Freezer

    Save your freezer space (and stop stressing about power outages).

  • And much more...

    Breast milk powder is easy to use. It can also help with high lipase, fortification, and more.

  • Stress-Free Shipping

    Take the anxiety out of shipping your milk with our easy-to-use breast milk shipping kits. We will send you everything you need, including a medical-grade cooler and pre-paid overnight shipping label.

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  • Drop Off in Houston, TX

    If you are near the Houston, TX area, you can drop-off your milk to us at our main facility. The rate for drop-off orders is $1.75/oz. After we receive your milk and weigh your order, we will email you an invoice.

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