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Milkify freeze-dried breast milk

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Milkify is the only GMP-certified breast milk freeze-drying service that is customized to your needs.

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    Freeze-drying your breast milk extends its expiration date by 3 years.

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    Milkify is the industry-leader, trusted by parents and experts across the U.S.

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    Your Breast Milk

    Freeze-drying removes the water while retaining the nutrients in your milk.

Milkify is the only GMP certified breast milk freeze-drying service

The only GMP-certified service

Milkify is the only company that is GMP-certified for freeze-drying human milk (GMP is a set of safety and quality standards promoted by the FDA).

Our patented process ensures your milk never comes into contact with our equipment. We do not pool milk for processing on open trays.

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  • We send you a complete breast milk shipping kit with everything you need to send us your frozen milk

  • We freeze-dry your breast milk, transforming it into a nutrient-dense, shelf-stable powder

  • We package your milk and send it back to you in convenient pouches that last for 3 years on the shelf

As seeon on:

  • Time

    Extend Expiration

    Freeze-dried breast milk powder can be stored on the shelf for 3 years.

  • Nutrients

    Preserve Nutrition

    Our gentle freeze-drying process preserves the nutrients in your milk.

  • Airplane

    Travel and Moving

    Breast milk powder is light and compact, making it perfect for travel or moving.

  • Freezer

    Take Back Your Freezer

    Save your freezer space (and stop stressing about power outages).

  • Baby Formula Bottle

    And much more...

    Breast milk powder is easy to use. It can also help with high lipase, fortification, and more.

  • Stress-Free Shipping

    Take the anxiety out of shipping your milk with our easy-to-use breast milk shipping kits. We will send you everything you need, including a medical-grade cooler and pre-paid overnight shipping label.

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  • Drop Off in Houston, TX

    If you are near the Houston, TX area, you can drop-off your milk to us at our main facility. The rate for drop-off orders is $1.75/oz. After we receive your milk and weigh your order, we will email you an invoice.

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