Milkify Travel Package

Milkify Travel Package

With expedited shipping and processing, the Milkify Traveler is the perfect solution for your upcoming trip!

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Milkify Travel Package

Milkify Travel Package

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Add on a Nutritional Analysis at Checkout

Milkify will measure the calories, fats, carbs, and proteins in your freeze-dried breast milk powder, and provide you with a PDF report of the results.

What's Included

  • A complete breast milk shipping kit with everything you need to ship your milk to Milkify (interior dimensions of cooler are 8.5 in. x 4.6 in. x 4.3 in.)
  • ALL SHIPPING INCLUDED* (FedEx Express shipment of cooler to your door, FedEx Priority Overnight shipping to Milkify, and FedEx Express return shipping of your completed order)
  • Milkify’s freeze-drying service for all milk in the box (average range for the Mini is 30-50 oz)
  • Custom labeling and single-serve packaging – each bag you send becomes its own pouch of powder.
  • A free travel pouch so you can easily take your pouches on the go

  • *Extra shipping charges may apply for AK and HI – please contact us for a quote

Product Description

The Milkify Mini Traveler kit includes everything you need to ship your milk to Milkify! Each kit includes a specialized insulated shipping cooler, detailed packing instructions, and a pre-paid express overnight return shipping label. Each Milkify Mini-sized cooler will hold between 30 - 50 oz. of frozen breast milk stored frozen in lactation bags. For one flat-rate, fill the cooler with as many bags as will fit! Simply pack your cooler, apply the pre-paid label, and ship!

Once Milkify receives your frozen milk, we assign unique tracking numbers to each bag and freeze-dry them individually using our patent-pending contact-free process - no equipment or utensils will ever come into contact with your milk. We then seal your breast milk powder in high barrier packaging which keeps it protected from oxygen, moisture, and contamination. We ship your breast milk powder back to your home, where it is safe from expiration for 3 years on the shelf - no refrigeration needed!

More about Milkify's unique freeze-drying process:

  • Our highly trained staff will never physically touch your milk
  • Your milk will never come into contact with our equipment (trays, scoops, bowls, etc)
  • Your milk will be freeze-dried in our patented SafeDry freeze-drying pouches
  • A final QC check will be performed to ensure your milk is dry enough to be packaged
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