Nutritional Retention

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Freeze-drying breast milk has many other benefits

Freezer Space

Freeze-dried breast milk requires no refrigeration or freezer storage


Breast milk powder (vacuum sealed in high barrier mylar bags) is shelf-stable for 3+ years.

High Lipase

Freeze-drying prevents the bad taste caused by lipase activity during freezer storage.


Your freeze-dried breast milk powder can be added to your expressed breast milk to increase the caloric content.


It’s a better way to preserve the nutritional, immunological, and probiotic components of breast milk.


Freeze-drying breast milk protects it from loss during a power outage or natural disaster. ​


Transporting breast milk during travel is easier and more convenient. Breast milk powder is TSA-safe!


Stockpile in preparation for transitioning back to the workplace. Breast milk powder is easy for caretakers to use when mom is away.​