A Nutritional Boost, Anytime

Freeze-dried breast milk powder can be added to solid foods for a nutritional boost, so your child can continue to receive the benefits of breast milk even as they grow older.

It can also be added to freshly expressed breast milk for fortification to a specific caloric density (under doctor supervision).

Milkify can even provide nutritional testing for your breast milk powder or baseline frozen milk. Contact us for more info.


Freeze-drying breast milk has many other benefits

Freezer Space

Freeze-dried breast milk requires no refrigeration or freezer storage


Breast milk powder (vacuum sealed in high barrier mylar bags) is shelf-stable for 3+ years.

High Lipase

Freeze-drying prevents the bad taste caused by lipase activity during freezer storage.


Your freeze-dried breast milk powder can be added to your expressed breast milk to increase the caloric content.


It’s a better way to preserve the nutritional, immunological, and probiotic components of breast milk.


Freeze-drying breast milk protects it from loss during a power outage or natural disaster. ​


Transporting breast milk during travel is easier and more convenient. Breast milk powder is TSA-safe!


Stockpile in preparation for transitioning back to the workplace. Breast milk powder is easy for caretakers to use when mom is away.​

Not convinced?

Freeze-dried breast milk has been used by human milk donor banks since the 1950s. Milkify's research and process has been reviewed by experts (including medical professionals), and breast milk powder provided by Milkify has been used to fortify breast milk for infants experiencing a variety of medical conditions (always under doctor supervision).