Get Shipment Ready

frozen breast milk shipment

Release the Velcro strap(s) around the white Nanocool insulated shipper box.

  • Leave the straps in place around the insulated shipper box, as you will use them to repackage for return shipping.
  • ​​Please do not cut these straps!
unpacking frozen breast milk shipment

Remove the lid from the cooler. There will be a plastic bag liner inside tucked into the cooler inside - please leave this liner in place.

  • Make sure that none of the side panels of the cooler have fallen down during transit
liner for frozen breast milk shipment

Open the plastic bag liner that has been provided with your kit and place inside the cooler.​

Make sure that none of the side panels of the cooler have fallen down during transit.

shipping breast milk

Pack your frozen bags of milk into the bag liner while in the cooler.

  • Pack your milk tightly into the cooler, taking care not to overfill the top of the cooler. The lid must be able to sit flush on top of the cooler.


frozen breast milk shipment

Use the provided order label sticker to close the top of your bag liner.

packaging breast milk shipment

Place the lid back on top of the cooler. Make sure that the cooler lid sits flush on top of the cooler.

  • Please do not use packing tape to attach the lid to the cooler
shipping breast milk

Close the flaps on the white Nanocool insulated shipper box, and secure with the Velcro straps.

  • The box flaps and Velcro straps will ensure that your lid stays on during shipping. Please do not use packing tape on the Nanocool box.
sealing shipping box

Close the flaps of the outer cardboard shipping box and use packing tape to secure.

shipping label

Attach the return shipping label to the outside of the cardboard shipping box, covering the old shipping label.

FedEx Logo

Drop-off your box at a FedEx location or call the Milkify team at (832) 534-0465 to help schedule a pick-up.

  • Ship on a Monday - Wednesday to avoid any potential weekend shipping delays.
  • We strongly suggest dropping off to an official FedEx or UPS store (rather than a retail store Access Point, like a Walgreens, CVS, Office Depot, or Staples). Dropping your milk off at these third party locations may result in pick-up delays!
milkify logo

As soon as your order is received, it will be immediately inspected. You will receive an email from Milkify confirming that we have received your order, and that it passes our quality control standard (still frozen and no visible rips/tears/leaks)

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