Freeze-Drying Service Pricing

We always freeze-dry your breast milk using our SafeDry contact-free processing. How your breast milk powder is packaged is up to you - see the options below and click to see sizes and pricing. Options on this page include all shipping costs via our shipping kit service.

We also accept drop offs at our main Houston, TX facility and at our Irvine, CA SoCal drop site.

Packaging options:

  • Single-Use Pouches

    From $1.99/oz. (all shipping included)

    Milkify Single Use Freeze-Dried Breast Milk Powder

    With the Milkify Singles service, each bag of frozen milk becomes its own pouch of powder. Your bags are freeze-dried individually and will retain any notes (such as date frozen).

  • Multi-Use Big Bags

    From $1.49/oz. (all shipping included)

    Milkify Daily Use Freeze-Dried Breast Milk Powder (Big Bags)

    With the Milkify Saver service, every 50 oz. of frozen milk becomes one large bag of powder. Each bag can be used for up to 1 month after opening.