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Get the best of both worlds! We'll freeze-dry your breast milk into a mix of single-use and multi-use packaging.

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Stash Plus kits are currently back ordered and may take 2+ weeks to ship. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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What’s Included

  • All shipping costs included (see details below)
  • Hassle-free shipping kit with everything you need to safely ship your milk
  • Half your order in single-serve packaging: each bag of frozen milk becomes its own pouch of powder with custom labeling
  • Half your order in multi-use packaging: every 30 to 50 oz. of frozen milk becomes one large bag of powder; includes measuring scoop
  • No hidden fees: cost includes freeze-drying service for as much milk as you can send in your kit

Product Description

With the Milkify Split service, we freeze-dry your breast milk into a mix of single-use and multi-use pouches. Includes a medical grade shipping kit and all shipping costs, as well as a measuring scoop.


All Milkify Split orders include:

  • Shipping kit sent to you via FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Priority Overnight shipping to our facility
  • Completed order shipped to you via FedEx Ground

If you need a different return address for your completed order, reply to your order confirmation email or contact us.

Note: extra shipping charges will apply for orders shipping to/from Alaska and Hawaii. Contact us for a quote.

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Milkify Split

Stash Plus
(300 oz.)
Regular price $629
Regular price Sale price $629

Why Freeze-Dry Your Breast Milk?

Extend Expiration

Extend the expiration date of your breast milk by 3 years.

Preserve Nutrition

Saves key nutrients needed for your baby's development.

Travel & Moving

Powder is light and compact, perfect for travel and moving.

Reclaim Your Freezer

Save space and stop stressing about power outages.

High Lipase

Significantly improves the taste of high lipase milk.


Easy to use. Just add water, or sprinkle on solid foods!

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How Milkify Works

The entire process takes as little as one to two weeks (contact us if you have a deadline). Read on to learn more.

Shipping process

Step 1

Milkify Receives Your Milk

Ship your frozen breast milk or drop it off to one of our facilities. Every bag is individually weighed, logged, and tracked.

milkify packaging process

Step 2

Freeze-Drying Your Milk

We freeze-dry your breast milk using our contact-free process, ensuring your milk never touches our equipment. Your milk is labeled at all times, even while in the freeze-dryer.

milkify shipping process

Step 3

Safe, Long-Term Packaging

After QC testing, we package your freeze-dried breast milk into ready-to-use pouches that last for 3 years on the shelf.

Baby Bottle

Step 4

Consume & Enjoy Your Milk

Add water to make a bottle, or add your freeze-dried breast milk powder directly into your baby's solid foods!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

Shipping kits are typically sent 2-3 business days after the order is placed. The turnaround time once we receive your milk is between 1-3 weeks. Milkify Express services come with rush shipping (all overnight) and expedited processing (guaranteed 5-7 day turnaround).

Please contact us after placing your order if you have a deadline coming up - we are a concierge service and will do everything we can to make sure we are working on your schedule!

We are happy to work around travel timelines or to help when moving (different shipping addresses) are a concern - just let us know via email at or contact us before or after placing an order.

If timing is not an issue for you, we will process your milk in the order that it was received. You can always track the status of your order using our tracking system here and you will receive email updates when we receive your milk, when your milk is processing, and when it has been shipped back to you!


Where is the Milkify service available?

Our service is available in all 50 U.S. states (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada. We send you everything you need to safely ship your milk - including a medical-grade cooler and overnight shipping label. No dry ice or ice packs needed! We only ship frozen milk via Priority Overnight (shipments arrive at 10:30am the day after you ship).

We also accept drop-offs directly to our Houston, TX facility and Irvine, CA drop-site.


How long can frozen milk be stored prior to freeze-drying?

We will freeze-dry any milk that you would like to save. It's your milk, and your choice! However, we advise following the CDC recommendation of 12 months max freezer time from a safety standpoint.


What kind of breast milk storage bags are accepted?

  1. Your milk must be stored in a pre-sealed and pre-sterilized, single-use lactation bag (or hospital provided tube). We are not able to accept milk stored in bags not specifically approved for use as lactation bags (no Ziplock-type bags). Please note that we do not accept glass bottles or jars, or silicone storage bags.
  2. The bags you send must be intact (no rips or tears) and should be free of dirt and debris on the outside.
  3. Your milk must be frozen solid, and not previously thawed.


My milk has high lipase / my infant refuses frozen milk, will freeze-drying help?

Freeze-drying can help in many situations with milk that tastes different after freezer storage. About 90% of our clients have told us that freeze-drying improved the taste of their high lipase milk. However, it is hard to predict whether the process will for sure make the milk palatable again because it depends on how much lipase activity has already occurred in the milk, and your infant's taste preference also plays a role! The lipase enzyme can remain active during freezer storage, but it is inactivated by the freeze-drying process. For moms concerned about high-lipase, freeze-drying may stop any further lipase activity, but it cannot undo any degradation that has already occurred. If your infant refuses your frozen milk, freeze-drying may help - but we recommend doing a small 'test' batch first, if this is a concern.


How can I be sure that the breast milk powder I receive
is my own?

We have many quality control checkpoints in place to keep the milk separated. First - each customer's order is processed one at a time. This includes the receiving, the freeze-drying, and the packaging steps.

Second - we track each bag individually. Each bag you send in is labeled with your name and a unique tracking code, and we use this to track each bag of your milk from start to finish. Your milk is freeze-dried inside of a specialized freeze-drying pouch - this patent-pending design allows water vapor to escape while protecting your milk from contamination at any point in the process (we do NOT pool milk on trays for processing). This means that even while in the freeze-dryer, all of your milk is labeled with your name!

With this system, we can include the expression date and any other information you recorded on the custom label provided on each pouch of breast milk powder you receive back (if you did not record any notes, that's okay too! In this case the notes section on your label will be left blank).


How much powder will be sent back to me?

During the freeze-drying process, the weight of the milk is reduced by about 90%, and the only thing that freeze-drying removes is the water. When you add the correct amount of water back to your powder - the volume is the same as it was before freeze-drying.

Therefore, if you send in 300 fl. oz. frozen milk, the powder you receive back will remake 300 fl. oz of milk once water is added.

The instructions on the back of the bags you receive back tell you exactly how much water to add back to get the same consistency as the original milk.


Does freeze-drying save the nutrients in my milk?

Freeze-drying is a very gentle process, and results in complete retention of the macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbs, or overall caloric content) in breast milk. Various human milk donor banks world-wide are implementing this process as an improved method of storage for donated breast milk. We now offer nutritional testing as an add-on to our service in which we measure the calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your milk using the Miris, an FDA approved human milk analyzer. When rehydrated according to the instructions on the custom label of each pouch - the rehydrated breast milk will have the same nutritional composition as before freeze-drying.


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