Breast Milk Storage Requirements

  1. Your milk must be stored in a pre-sealed and pre-sterilized, single-use lactation bag (or hospital provided tube). We are not able to accept milk stored in bags not specifically approved for use as lactation bags (no Ziplock-type bags). Please note that we do not accept glass bottles or jars, or silicone storage bags.

  2. Milkify will need to combine bags you send that are filled with less than 3 fl. oz of frozen milk to ensure an accurate 3 year shelf life. We accept any volume stored in your lactation bag, as long as the zipper is tightly sealed. If your bags are combined, the custom label on the pouch you receive back will state this in the note section, and also provide you the dates which were combined if you recorded this information.

  3. The bags you send must be intact (no rips or tears) and should be free of dirt and debris on the outside.

  4. Your milk must be frozen solid, and not previously thawed.
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