Milkify Stash Saver VIP

Milkify Stash Saver VIP

The Milkify Stash Saver includes the freeze-drying service, all shipping costs, and a stainless steel scoop. Your breast milk powder will be packaged in 50 oz. increments and will come with detailed instructions for accurate rehydration.

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Milkify Stash Saver VIP

Milkify Stash Saver VIP

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Add on a Nutritional Analysis at Checkout

Milkify will measure the calories, fats, carbs, and proteins in your freeze-dried breast milk powder, and provide you with a PDF report of the results.

What's Included

The Milkify Stash Saver includes:

  • A breast milk shipping kit with everything you need to ship your milk to Milkify (no dry ice or ice packs needed)
  • Milkify's patented freeze-drying service for up to 350 oz. of breast milk
  • Each pouch is good for 1 month after opening
  • Breast milk powder packaged in 50 oz. increments (you'll receive 5 to 7 large pouches of powder - depending on the volume you send)
  • A prepaid FedEx Priority Overnight or shipping label for getting your milk to our facility
  • A stainless steel scoop and full set of shipping, usage, and storage instructions
  • A minimum volume guarantee of 250 oz. (we'll refund $1 for every ounce we receive below this amount)
  • No additional charges if you are able to send more than 350 oz. in the cooler

Your milk will be combined by closest date by default. For special requests (such as morning vs. night milk, grouping by dietary notes, etc -- send us a note).

All shipping costs are already included for orders within the continental U.S.: we'll send the shipping of the kit to your door, overnight your milk to our facility, and ship you the completed order (to send the powder to a new address, just call or email us).

For Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada orders, additional shipping charges may apply (please reach out for a quote).

Product Description

The interior dimensions of cooler are 11.3 in. x 8.9 in. x 10.4 in. You'll pack your frozen breast milk into the cooler and ship it to us on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (to avoid delays running into the weekend).

Once we receive your milk, we'll do a QC check and send you a notification. Your milk will then be immediately stored in your own bin in one of our remotely monitored, temperature controlled freezers.

More about Milkify's unique freeze-drying process:

  • Our highly trained staff will never physically touch your milk
  • Your milk will never come into contact with our equipment (trays, scoops, bowls, etc)
  • Your milk will be freeze-dried in our patented SafeDry freeze-drying pouches
  • A final QC check will be performed to ensure your milk is dry enough to be packaged
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